AIPR was founded on May 2005 under the initiative of a number of PR practitioners and scholars, aiming to respond to the growing need of the country to upgrading PR services while at the same time the founders’ goal was to drive demand and raise it towards professional standards.
Dr. Agim Neza – a key founding member of AIPR was among the first national practitioners who grounded the institutional tradition of public communication in Albania. Dr. Neza has been serving as a strategic adviser and PR authority in a number of institutions including the Ministry of Justice, the High Court of Justice, the General Prosecutor Office, just to mention few.
Dr. Alban Bala, a practitioner leading COMPORT LLC, the first local PR company in Albania was the first President of the Albanian Institute of PR. His company committed to financially support AIPR along the way of consolidation, as the organization became a full member of the Global Alliance of PR and Communication Management on 2009.
MA. Suela Mino – a prominent radio journalist and an expert in Litigation and PR practice, registered attorney at law in Albania, is the current Executive Director of AIPR.
The Board of the AIPR is lead by PhD. Zyhdi Dervishi, a prominent scholar of Sociology and a national leading expert of the sociology of culture and research. Other key experts from different fields likely MA. Eris Kasmi, Dr. Valbona Sulce, MA. Gjergj Erebara have been close and active to promote best professional values and standards.
The Institute has always been welcoming people from diverse business backgrounds to contribute to AIPR’ strength and dynamism