PR is seen as an attractive industry, ranking actually in the Western Europe among new graduates’ top five career choices. The Albanian Institute of Public Relations (AIPR) is proud to represent such an industry, existing to set the highest standards of professionalism and integrity within the profession. The Institute’s objective is to establish growth for Albania’s PR industry through knowledge acquisition, networking, and exchanging of new theories, platforms, ideas and findings. The Institute continuously strives to be the leading regional PR organization that will not only project the profession but also set industry standards and increase public recognition of this profession.

AIPR Objectives:

  • The development and progress of PR science in Albania through the promotion of the interdisciplinary nature of PR at all levels.
  • Study of PR and communication experience made in Albania and the Albanian territories in the Balkans.
  • Increase of PR capacities – both for the public and private sector, according to professional international standards.
  • Support efforts of national branding and country’s image building process.
  • Build an intensive cooperation with the media and assist their qualification relating to PR activities.
  • Professional standardization of PR practice in the country.